Consultancy Services

Consultancy services

Core consultancy services now offered:

  • Kaizen events  – organising and hosting a workshop that utilises Lean techniques i.e.  VSM, Affinity etc. to capture and identify the waste in a process, agree  improvement plan, assign owners, measure improvements and create  governance strategy, resulting in process optimisation/efficiency and  positive effect on bottom line.
  • Transformation –  working closely with the owning, quality and procurement teams to  identify areas of high spend and brainstorm to capture savings  levers/initiatives and follow through implementation.
  • Value Stream Mapping exercise  – working closely with the process owning team to guide them through  the procedure to capture the current ‘as-is’ view of the working  process. Identifying the non-value added tasks, delays, problems and  bottlenecks in the process.
  • RPA assessment –  evaluating current processes for suitability of Robotics Process  Automation and, in doing so, remove repetitive, boring, mundane tasks  currently undertaken by highly skilled personnel and automate them,  freeing the highly skilled resource to perform more value/revenue add  functions.
  • CONQ reduction  – identify, quantify and prioritise instances of cost of non-quality,  look at root causes and agree realistic improvement solutions.
  • Supplier LSS awareness – educating suppliers on the benefits to customers and their own suppliers of adapting and following LSS.
  • Lean Six Sigma projects – improvement projects at LSS Black Belt level following the LSS DMAIC principles.
  • RCA – using LSS tools and techniques to identify the root cause of a process problem and provide improvement solutions.
  • Green Belt mentoring – mentoring customer educated LSS GB’s.   
  • Plus many more...... 
  • Project Management
  • Supplier/Customer management
  • Data Analysis
  • Etc...

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